[Oberon] Question on ORG.SaveRegs / ORG.RestoreRegs in the FPGA Oberon compiler

Peter Matthias PeterMatthias at web.de
Wed Dec 19 18:48:08 CET 2018

Am 19.12.18 um 18:08 schrieb Paul Reed:
> Hi Peter,
>> There comes the question: why is the register variable loaded before the
>> parameters are evaluated? To save a register? This should not matter on
>> RISC5. Looks to me it would be much nicer code without.
> Not sure what you mean.  The value of the procedure (proper procedure or
> function) variable will be in a register before the parameter evaluation
> if, for example, it comes from looking up in an array or dereferencing a
> pointer.

Currently, the procedure address is put in R0, R0 is stored on stack, 
the parameters are passed beginning from R0 and procedure address is 
loaded from stack to next free register. I suppose it would be possible 
as well to first pass the parameters beginning with R0 and then directly 
put procedure address in next free register.


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