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> Magnus Karlsson <magnus at saanlima.com> wrote:
> > See attached verilog file I2C.v (and modified RISC5Top.v which
> shows
> > you how to add it to the system).
> Hi Magnus,
> I2C is mapped to I/O bus address [10..14], I miss what is the
> physical port on Pepino LX9, to plug these I/O into? I can imagine I
> have a a pin header connector on Oberon end, and a ribbon cable on
> device end.

You can use any two (one for I2C SCL and one for I2C SDA) of the 16 spare
sockets in the 20-way pin header connector (the remaining four are 2 x GND,
3.3v and 5v). Once you have chosen which two to use you need to add the
corresponding pin assignments definitions for SDA and SCL to the
RISC5_pepino.ucf file.

Magnus had these defined as:


1. Look at the LX9 pins on the Pepino schematic:

"M10" is connected to IO7N 
"T15" is connected to IO8N

2. Look at the J8 connector on the schematic:

IO7N is connected to J8-17
IO8N is connected to J8-19 

3. J8 is the 20-way connector on the edge of the board.

J8-17 and 19 are labelled as 14 and 15 respectively on the PCB. So SDA of
your I2C device connects to 14 and SCL connects to 15 (whew!)


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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