[Oberon] Newlines and Carriage-Returns

Jörg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Sat Jan 5 23:06:30 CET 2019


If you move files between different OSes, you normally have to convert files. Eg if you move ASCII texts between Windows and Unix you have to convert the newlines.
Every OS has its own convention. The same is true for the Oberon OS.

BTW: it seems to be a common misunderstanding that text files in Oberon are ASCII files. This is not the case.

Oberon text files are comparable to Word doc files: they as well contain much more info than just plain ASCII characters. Oberon textfiles contain format info (font family, size, bold...) and may contain various Elems.

In Word, you can specify the format of the output: chose eg docx or txt when you store your file.
The same is true in Oberon. EditTools.StoreAscii/StoreMac/StoreUnix extracts the pure ASCII information out of an Oberon text and adds the corresponding newline character.

Out of the box, ProjectOberon (Texts.Mod) is able to open ASCII files from other OSes.


> Am 05.01.2019 um 21:33 schrieb Charles Perkins <chuck at kuracali.com>:
> I wrote a technote on modifying V5 Oberon to use newlines instead of carriage-returns, while still accepting carriage-returns in texts.
> If anyone is curious it can be found at:
> https://github.com/io-core/technotes/blob/master/technote001.md
> Since the source code of V5 Oberon is so small and well factored, it was easy to do. Now I can move text files back and forth between my Mac or Linux box and my emulated FPGA environment without converting things all the time.
> Best Regards,
> Chuck
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