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Jörg joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Sun Jan 6 08:33:52 CET 2019


Yes and no.
In other OSes where code is statically linked, resource files are used, as the big benefit of resource files is: they can be exchanged easily.
In the Oberon OS, all code is dynamically linked on the fly; exchange of code(=modules) is easily done in the Oberon OS. It's questionable whether to introduce the code for resource file loading (makes the kernel bigger) or have different code files per language and just let the system dynamically load the correct one. As the development cycle in Oberon is so much faster, there is almost no benefit of resource files anymore.


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    Chris wrote:
    > If possible, the logic that maps error codes onto error messages should be located in the module where the error codes are defined. Then the client call could be just:
    The next logical step would be to move error messages to a "resource file" which would be read by the module where the error codes are defined. This could be used to provide multilingual capabilities at a relatively low implementation cost. The non-English characters probably can be handled by the Oberon font mechanism. 
    Implementing error messages in languages other than English is probably not that important. But applications are another matter. Moving the string constants to resource files could lead to multilingual applications. I guess it has been done many times in the past.
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