[Oberon] Oberon emulator and RAM size

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Wed Jan 9 22:30:24 CET 2019


Am 09.01.2019 um 18:22 schrieb peter at easthope.ca:

> * Sorry for being dense but in the JavaScript emulator I don't 
> recognize the function of L M R.

You can click them and then click the screen to use the Left Middle or
Right mouse button (If you are one of those poor Apple users who have a
mouse like

You can also drag e.g. R to L and then drag the screen to drag with
right mouse button and perform an interclick with left mouse button once
you release (which will result in the selected text being deleted).

If you have a 3-button mouse you can of course use the normal mouse
buttons as well.

> * The numbers 1..7 are indicators; not buttons.  Correct?

The numbers *0* to 7 are the eight LEDs, which are used to indicate some
low-level errors during bootup and state of garbage collection when
booted up. You can also control them from your own program using the LED

> * In the 2nd paragraph you state "Note that the JavaScript emulator 
> does not support RS232 ... ." You don't mention network access or 

I do mention SPI. And since on Project Oberon the network is attached
via SPI, if SPI is not supported I thought this to be clear that network
also is not supported. I updated the text now, thanks for pointing out
that this was not clear.

> clipboard integration. 

"Paravirtualized" Clipboard integration is mentioned. This happens to be
the exact same protocol also implemented in Peter's emulator (since I
submitted the Pull Request :D).

What I should have mentioned (I added it now too): Browsers restrict
access to the clipboard severely and the code is browser dependent (yes,
when I checked last time you needed 4 different code versions if you
want to support IE, Firefox, Chrome and Edge). Also the restrictions
when exactly clipboard can be modified is different (some browsers
require an input event, other require that event to be the Ctrl+C key
combination). So I took the easy route and provided a text field where
you can copy&paste to like normal, and the clipboard integration will
copy and paste into that text field. If anybody wants to make this more
convenient, Pull Requests are of course welcome.

> Someone familiar with JavaScript and Java must 
> understand this without explanation.

I tried to make this understandable for anyone familiar with Project
Oberon, even without being familiar with JavaScript or Java. As it
apparently was not, I tried to improve the text now.



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