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Date:	Tue, 15 Jan 2019 17:04:11 +0100
> I use Out in all my programs in ProjectOberon.

Thanks.  I was beginning to wonder whether I was off on a wild-goose chase.

> This is the reason why I found out, that the huge amount of 
> Texts.Append() in the original implementation will eat up a lot of 
> memory.

Noted.  Thanks.

> BTW: I added printf() to my Out.Mod to further simplify output capability.

Had to dig out the C Language Programmers Reference purchased about 1987.
printf (format, arg1, arg2, ...)
format = %[flags] [size] [.prec] [l] type

Implementing all of those parameters would be quite ambitious.  Multiple 
arguments is appealing.

> I used a BOOLEAN variable and the different output procedures follow this example:
> BEGIN Texts.WriteString(W, s); Append END String;

Append must contain IF or CASE, increasing time more than memory.
Seems right considering that the module is switched off by 
IMPORT ... Out = OutStub ... .

Thanks again,                      ... Lyall E.

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