[Oberon] Re (2): Anonymous procedure?

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Fri Jan 18 05:45:40 CET 2019

From:	"Skulski, Wojciech" <skulski at pas.rochester.edu>
Date:	Fri, 18 Jan 2019 02:35:39 +0000
> What is the motivation?


> If I am not mistaken, you can assign NIL, which becomes an anonymous 
> procedure which stops the execution when called. Is this what you 
> need?

The problem is to assign an unnamed procedure to a named procedure 
variable.  The assigned procedure can do any calculation.  The 
calculation is not a concern. 

You can see two potential examples in the first 4 procedures here. 

Is there a way to create procedures AppendImmediate() and 
AppendDelayed() without names A and Null?  Procedures A() and Null are 
needed; names A and Null are not.

> ... stops the execution when called.

In general, procedure X should execute to END X.  Abort is a special 

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