[Oberon] nice video: Niklaus Wirth explains debugger on Lillith.

Frans-Pieter Vonck fp at vonck.nl
Sun Feb 17 11:12:09 CET 2019

now I understand.
When I program in Oberon, it is Wirth, the teacher, who is talking to me 
through the compiler.

"This is obviously programmed by someone who does not understand what 
cardinal means."


And from his article: "Embedded Systems and Real-Time Programming"

"How do most people learn to program? By learning rules of a language 
and then
writing. This is in contrast to learning how to compose prose. There we 
first read and
read again before testing our own writing talent. Our compositions are 
scrutinized by
the teacher, correcting our spelling mistakes and gradually improving 
our style by
making suggestions. In programming, our compositions are rarely 
scrutinized by a
teacher; our teacher is the computer telling us whether or not “it 



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