[Oberon] IMPORT Modules: why does order matter?

Jörg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Sun Mar 3 01:08:12 CET 2019


> At least my version of Oberon is missing now the Out module

I have an Out.Mod and compiled it on FPGA. I can send it if you want. I added a simple printf() to it with support of \n, \t, %d and %x

> For example the „Oberon Core“ / Project Oberon 2013 (?) compiler I use does not even have the „numerical case“ statement implemented (which is defined for the language „Oberon 07“).

I added nunerical case to the compiler without adapting the RISC-5 instruction set (in contrast to Chris‘ approach)

> So the question I still have (out of pure curiosity):
> * Do others actually confirm that they get the same „wrong import order“ compiler error (really at the line of the IMPORT, as soon as the first „out of order“ module is found)

Yes, I get this error as well. Fixing that would need some code. ORB.Import and ORB.ThisModule have to be adapted.


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