[Oberon] SystemV - Texts.Mod

Tomas Kral thomas.kral at email.cz
Thu Mar 7 08:13:58 CET 2019

On Thu, 7 Mar 2019 07:29:13 +0100
Jörg Straube <joerg.straube at iaeth.ch> wrote:

> Trap 4 is „NIL check“. Are you sure „W“ is not NIL?

Cannot be sure of course.

With fresh install I experience these
intermittent TRAPS. Being more a coder that a user, I test my code, I
do `System.Watch', I keep heap < 30%, and module store < 70%. When I
need temporarily to switch to other progs, I unload mine stuff plus the

`System.ShowModules', I unload from the list
then close, and again `System.ShowModules' to check.

Between these steps I get TRAP4, or TRAP1 when `System.Close'.

I will analyse further, experiment with older and newer versions. 

Tomas Kral <thomas.kral at email.cz>

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