[Oberon] Alternatives for cases.

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 7 17:23:10 CET 2019

         Data (bytes)    Code (bytes)    Time (ms)
PROCs     540            1404              65
IF-ELSE     8             864              53
CASE        8            1080              42

Very interesting data!

3 questions:

1) Has the data for the CASE part been produced
   with your optimized CASE statement, which uses
   the "B,cond PC, [Rn]” instruction (where the target
   of the branch is computed by adding the contents
   of a register to the current program counter)?

2) If so, do you have data for a CASE statement that
   does not use the B, cond PC, [Rn] instruction?

   (my guess is that it’s about 25-50% slower, since in
   my experimental implementation of the CASE statement,
   the average overhead of any selection in a CASE
   statement is 9 instructions - vs 6 in your version
   with the modified branch instruction)

3) Is there a plan/wish/proposal from your side to make
   the B, cond PC, [Rn] part of the official RISC spec?


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