[Oberon] There are considerable differences between Lola-1 and Lola-2; are you aware of that?

Paul Reed paulreed at paddedcell.com
Sat Mar 16 13:33:16 CET 2019

> My initial question concerned Lola-2

Right, that was what I was mainly talking about, except the general 
observation that it evolved as an educational language, and when I 
specifically referred by a link to the prior Lola-1 work at ETH.  So I 
don't think there was confusion in our conversation; I'm just clarifying 

By the way, I've often heard Wirth's languages referred to as 
"educational" in a pejorative way, as if they are somehow not fit for 
production purposes.  But I mean they serve a good purpose in education, 
not hiding details, keeping concepts clear, being able to reason about 
code, etc., which exactly makes them good for production too (and rare).

> Do you happen to have a C or C++ version of the Lola-2 compiler?

No, sorry.

> non-standard data types (LONGINT).

This is a synonym for (32-bit) INTEGER in Oberon-07.  In original 
Oberon, INTEGER was 16-bit and LONGINT was 32-bit.  Leaving LONGINT in 
the language helps with maintaining source code across both versions 
(with care).


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