[Oberon] [ANN] GigaDraw - The Ultimate Drawing App for Oberon V5 (well, almost ; ))

Till Oliver Knoll till.oliver.knoll at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 19:14:40 CET 2019

Dear all,

As threatened in a previous post of mine I have published the code of
our "GigaDraw" on Github:


It was originally developed as a student's exercise during the last
"Systemsoftware" lectures given by professor Niklaus Wirth, winter
semester 1998/99.

Originally it compiled and ran on Oberon V4 on a Ceres 3 computer (and
on various Oberon ports for Windows etc. at the time).

The "v1.0.0" tag contains the original sources as backed up with the
fine "Oberon2DOS" (?) tool at the time (1999). The current "v1.0.1" tag
contains the quickly adapted sources, such that they compile on "Oberon
Core", an implementation in the Mac App Store of Oberon-2013 (Oberon
V5). I deliberately kept that initial port as close as possible to the
original sources, without putting much work into it (even though some
parts are really cringeworthy nowadays).

There are still many quirks, rendering artifacts (no clipping yet, as
the "Display.Mod" in V5 dropped all "clipped" drawing operations) and
even TRAPS during the "PackMan Attack". Yes, you read that right: our
GigaDraw features an arrow keys controllable PackMan which eats your
drawings! That's a unique and genuinely useful feature that really makes
your GigaDraw unique, even today ;)

(Uh... and yes: the corresponding "PacCmd.Start" respective
"PacCmd.PacAttack" commands totally turn your Oberon system into a
single task OS, by running their own "event loop" - escape with ESC ;)).

So have fun, have a laugh, marvel at the code of two students. As time
permits I'll try to fix this and that... but don't hold your breath. The
README contains no "install" instructions yet, but basically you open
the "GigaDraw.Tool" which contains compilation and application commands.


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