[Oberon] A C++ based Oberon-07 parser, code model and source browser

rochus.keller at bluewin.ch rochus.keller at bluewin.ch
Tue Apr 2 11:14:58 CEST 2019

In case you're interested: I published a C++ based Oberon-07 parser/code model/source code browser on github.

Here is the link to the source code: https://github.com/rochus-keller/Oberon/blob/master/README.md
Here is the link to a Windows binary of the source code browser: http://software.rochus-keller.info/OberonViewer_win32.zip

I built it to better understand the Lola-2 compiler and to automatically translate it to maintainable C++ with minimal dependencies. The C++ based Lola-2 compiler will be integrated in https://github.com/rochus-keller/LolaCreator.

The Oberon to C++ compiler will support (at least) the subset of Oberon used in the Lola-2 compiler and a (non conservative) garbage collector.

Please note that this is work in progress. The OberonViewer can handle both the Oberon System and the Lola-2 compiler source. Since the code model also accepts syntax trees from code with errors or missing modules it is well possible that other code bases manage to trigger an assertion. In this case I would very much appreciate your report if possible with a code sample.

I'm open to your questions and suggestions, preferably on https://github.com/rochus-keller/Oberon/issues. 


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