[Oberon] Assumed issue in the Lola-2 compiler

Jörg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Sat Apr 13 09:20:00 CEST 2019

Hi all

I successfully compiled the Lola source at https://people.inf.ethz.ch/wirth/Lola/index.html with the LinzOberon system on Windows 10.

After the porting (I only had to change all string assignments to COPY()) and trying to compile SmallPrograms.Lola I detected that LSC.Mod has two bugs in CheckTypes():

Bug 1:
    ELSIF xtyp IS LSB.ArrayType THEN
      IF xtyp(LSB.ArrayType).eltyp = LSB.bitType THEN
        IF (ytyp IS LSB.ArrayType) & (ytyp(LSB.ArrayType).eltyp = LSB.bitType) THEN

Bug 2: instead of ELSE Err(34) it should be
        ELSIF ytyp # LSB.bitType THEN Err(34)

After these modifications SmallPrograms.Lola compile


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Betreff: [Oberon] Assumed issue in the Lola-2 compiler

Meawhile I was able to do some cross-validation of my C++ version of the Lola compiler. I originally wanted to compile the Lola compiler on the Oberon System and translate the Lola RISC5 files to Verilog there. Unfortunately I had no luck with the Oberon System Plugin 2.5 release on Windows 10. Eventually I managed to create an executable of the original Lola-2 compiler using https://github.com/vishaps/voc . I'm aware that this is also a transpiler but at least an independent implementation.

Both Lola-2 compilers - the one created with voc and also my C++ version - produce exactly the same output. Here are the links to the generated files:
voc version: https://github.com/rochus-keller/Lolac/tree/master/Examples/RISC5_translated_by_LSC_LSV 
c++ version: https://github.com/rochus-keller/Lolac/tree/master/Examples/RISC5_translated

Both generated file sets show the wrong type "???" in some declarations; see e.g. RISC5Top.v lines 21 to 26. 

I used the source code from https://people.inf.ethz.ch/wirth/Lola/index.html 

It would be a little surprising if I were the first to encounter this problem. That's why I put my question into the round, who has already seen the problem and how to solve it. Does someone have a version of the Lola-2 which generates other output?

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