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Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
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  could you please remind me where can I find the code? 

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I'll try to answer some questions about ULX3S.

Not all parts are in lola2.

Yes, cache, SDRAM are in verilog, and dvi2vga video
converter are in VHDL. That addidional code is completely
vendor independent and should have clean and separate register
and combinatorial logic, so I'd say, a straightforward replacement
to lola2 should be possible without thinking of what code actually does.

cache and sdram part is done by FleaFPGA/Valentin by borrowing
from 486 emulator  project, code just appears to work for oberon
but I don't know details about how it works.

With vga2dvi I have more experience so If you need some help
porting this to lola2 I'll try to answer of course.

64-bit color is connected and should go to DVI/HDMI monitor display
Just I don't know how to make something color from oberon-v5 disk image,
attached examples seem to draw only BW

I'n not sure what is with sierpinski example on oberon-v5,
middle click reports error about file missing and doesn't start it -
is that normal?

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