[Oberon] TeroBuild: a new way to build Oberon disk images

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Tue May 14 23:03:48 CEST 2019

I've re-implemented parts of Peter De Wachter's Project Norebo to
eliminate the dependencies on C and Python.

In the past, I've discussed with Michael Schierl the importance we both
placed on his in-browser emulator's ability to run even on computers
with old versions of Internet Explorer installed and no admin access to
install or run other software (such as newer/other browsers, or a copy
of Peter's SDL-based emulator).

I've done some work so anyone can now use an offshoot of Project Norebo
to build system images from the most recent Oberon source code modules
even if you have neither a C compiler handy nor Python installed

Here's a two minute video demonstrating this:


In the video, I actually do two builds: once by opening Build.app.htm in
the browser, and another by using it directly from the terminal.

(This is part of work I've been doing for triplescripts.org, where I
implore people to revisit the assumptions they make about their software
projects and ask what it should take for another person to dive and
begin working on the code.  The idea is that too many times software
developers wind up with tunnel vision and assume others have the time to
burn to get a "development environment" set up, even though this often
isn't necessary.  In many cases the build scripts can be made to run
using nothing more than what most most people have already installed on
their computers--i.e., a browser, which is the closest thing the world
has to a universal application runtime.  I see this as also being
important regarding matters of reproducibility and the long-term
preservation of computing history.)

Unfortunately, I didn't take the time to make this Build.app.htm work in
Internet Explorer.  You'll need a reasonably modern browser to make use
of it.

A hacked copy of the Norebo source tree with my TeroBuild changes
applied can be found on Keybase by cloning repo at:


And in case you don't have Git or Keybase installed (see what I mean
about developer tunnel vision?), an archive can be downloaded from:


Colby Russell

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