[Oberon] Where's V4 for Win10 ?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 19:14:03 CEST 2019

>I run the 1998 win95-NT Linz version V4.0-2.3 on Windows 10. As far as I
>know that is the latest version:
Good, thanks.
Some years ago I used Windows:V4 for projects which needed
text-coloring. AFAIR I used System.Log [you don't need to type
it, cos it's always displayed] as the <TOP> file of my projectS tree.
Ie. it listed the dirs of the various projects.
   AFAIR, once I cd-ed to a project's Dir: loading & storing THAT dir's
System.log would access the <management info> of THAT project.
Now when I edit & Store the <Initial> System.Log, it's not there when
I reboot. It seems that <Store & Load> aren't matched: one uses -/Oberon
and the other uses -/Oberon/Users ?!
Is it easy to increase the font-size eg. by some global: affecting the display?

What about Wifi access?

== TIA.

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