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> The distribution:
> ETH PlugIn Oberon for WindowsTM / Win32 2.5 (18.12.2010)       on
> Windows Vista Version 6.2.9200  Gl tzel at GL TZEL-PC
> contains  "debug.exe" and "debug.ini", but no further explanation.
> Has somebody got a doc or experience with this tool?

Download the file debug.exe from the earlier distribution of ETH Oberon for Windows:


This is actually a self-installing zip file which, amongst other files, includes the source code (in C) of the debugger and a one page summary titled 'Mini Debugger for Oberon System 3' by Emil Zeller which contains the following information:

"Debug is a small utility, which is helpfull in situations, where the normal Oberon debugging tools as the system log and trap viewers do not work. The debug application has three windows.

•	The Console window displays the output written using the module Console.
•	When an exception occurs a short description of the exception (e.g. Access Violation) is written to the Exception window. To continue execution of Oberon after an exception choose the Continue entry in the Action menu. To pass the exception to Oberon choose the Exception entry. To display the trap viewer befor continuing execution of Oberon select the Show Trap entry.
•	In the System window all information on the state of Oberon is displayed. To see the list of loaded modules choose the Show Modules entry of the Action menu. To see the state of a module choose the Module State entry. To see a stack dump choose the Show Stack entry and enter the thread number. To see a list of all Oberon threads choose the Show Threads entry.

To start the debugging select the Start entry in the File menu."

Chris Burrows
CFB Software


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