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Erik Terpstra erterpstra at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 07:50:31 CEST 2019

On Thu, 15 Aug 2019 at 06:10, <peter at easthope.ca> wrote:

> > You can see a Hello world snippet here:
> >
> > https://bit.ly/2Mic0NN
> A click on Oberon-07 in the list of languages leads to
> https://tio.run/#oberon-07 .  Is there any harm in referring to that URL?

Of course not https://tio.run/#oberon-07 is a perfect URL to refer to.

Like I said, tio.run is a site for sharing code snippets, the idea is that
each snippet of Oberon code gets a unique URL automatically.
Because the generated URLs are quite long, you could use an URL shortener
like https://bit.ly to reduce noise in mailing lists, IRC etc.

It is useful when:

- you want to demonstrate an algorithm to someone else, or provide an
adapation of an algorithm that has been shared with you
- someone is reading a book or paper that demonstrates Oberon code and
wants to quickly try some constructs without installing an Oberon system
(and learn to use it) or compiler

Being able to instantly run and adapt it is key here.
I am aware that https://schierlm.github.io/OberonEmulator/ exists, but it
is not useful for sharing code snippets or any of the reasons I provided

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