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Date:	Sat, 30 Nov 2019 15:48:39 +0100
> In Oberon systems programmed by NW, „id“ determines what kind of update it is.
> In Oberon systems programmed by JG (e.g. S3), „len" is used as follows;
> - len=0 —> delete from beg to end
> - beg=end —> insert len at beg
> - beg#end —> replace beg til end by len

Thanks.  Very helpful.  Understanding from reading the source only 
would be a long shot for me.

I found this comment again at the end of Oberon.Texts.Mod. 
"3. There are two mechanisms to read from a text and one to write to a 
text. ... The difference between texts and buffers involve the display 
update operations. Each text can possibly be represented on the 
display by some kind of text editor or viewer. When a module 
manipulates a text, a message called the UpdateMsg (type 
Texts.UpdateMsg) is broadcast to all viewers or text editors 
representing the text.  ..."

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