[Oberon] 30th anniversary of Oberon

Nemo Nusquam cym224 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 2 16:45:36 CET 2020

On 01/01/20 18:25, Chris Burrows wrote (in part):
> The first time I heard of Oberon was when the article "From Modula to 
> Oberon" was posted on the bulletin board of the Journal of Pascal, Ada 
> and Modula-2. It was timestamped Tue Feb 23 20:43:46 1988. 

There was an article in SP&E  vol 18,7 pp 671-690, Jul 1988 (with 
corrections in vol 19,1 Jan 1989) that specified an Oberon with separate 
definition/implementation modules.


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