[Oberon] Oberon System emulator for Windows

Paul Reed paulreed at paddedcell.com
Tue Feb 11 13:36:42 CET 2020

> ...It turns out that Peter's image extension is .dsk,
> while Andreas is .img.

Note that the emulator handles different formats - an entire disk image 
including a defensive FAT partition (I've written about this before) and 
just an Oberon filesystem image, starting with sector 29 from the Oberon 
filesystem (29 is the first sector: as usual see the Project Oberon 

You can use any extension you like - I tend to use .FS for filesystem 
images, and .dsk, .img or whatever an emulator demands for disk images.  
Certainly, in the world of virtualisation in general, there seems to be 
absolutely no standardisation on file extensions.  What's more of a pain 
is when an application insists on one, which thankfully the emulator 

Windows XP?  Cool!  What's your IP - oh nevermind I'm in.  ;-)

Seriously, most development tools no longer support Windows XP for a 
whole host of reasons so it might be quite hard to build a version 
without a lot of work.  Does the build from projectoberon.com work (link 
"Windows")?  I built this some time ago using Cygwin (I don't remember 
it being particularly hard to do).  (This also contains Windows batch 
file versions of pcsend and pcreceive which you might also want.)


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