[Oberon] Hennessy.Mod 64kB limit

rochus.keller at bluewin.ch rochus.keller at bluewin.ch
Tue Feb 18 16:47:48 CET 2020

@ Skulski, Wojciech 

It's probably a matter of discretion. However, since I have studied the Oberon System quite intensively now, I can confirm that there are quite a few hacks, at least in my humble view, in both the inner and outer modules. I have tried to remove some of them, for example in Fonts.Mod. I see a certain contradiction between what is preached and what is actually done by the preachers. Swiss are pragmatics, once more ;-)


Skulski, Wojciech  wrote:

The bottom line: If the community spent thirty years developing a very powerful abstract language where hacks are supposedly not necessary, then the community should avoid hacks. Especially after writing so many books and articles on the merits of good programming. What I have shown above should not be allowed. If it has become a habit then something is badly missing in the language. Either the Gospel is not really the Gospel, or the language is missing some crucial features which are then emulated with pieces of nasty code.


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