[Oberon] Fwd: IDE with integrated source leveldebuggerandLuaJIT VM running the Oberon System

rochus.keller at bluewin.ch rochus.keller at bluewin.ch
Thu Feb 20 01:12:33 CET 2020

@ all

There is now also an executable version of the Oberon IDE for macOS x86_64 (>= El Capitan). If you want to try it, download and mount this DMG: http://software.rochus-keller.info/OberonIDE_macOS_x64.dmg . Remember that on Mac the CTRL+key shortcuts are mapped to the Command key. 

I also uploaded the most recent version of the Windows binary: http://software.rochus-keller.info/OberonIDE_win32.zip .

Thanks to the LuaJIT FFI API, the generated code now runs almost as fast as the C code generated by OBNC and optimized with GCC; and there is even more potential for optimization.


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