[Oberon] EOS new features

Andreas Pirklbauer andreas_pirklbauer at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 17 17:06:27 CET 2020

Just a quick mini-release note on the latest version of EOS, which has the following characteristics:

- elimination of the concept of static base altogether, the MT register, and also the module table MTOrg
- the module space now starts at absolute address 20H (instead of 100H), the trap vector is at 04H
- no more 64KB limitations from the mod.data, neither for global nor for imported global module data
- module loader fixes up all accesses to global and imported global data to a fixed 2-instruction sequence
- modules and pre-linked binaries are freely relocatable to any memory address using ORL.Relocate(Bin)
- one can construct pre-linked boot-loaders BootLoad.bin consisting of multiple modules using ORL.Link
- one can execute pre-linked binaries M.bin at any memory location using ORL.Execute


Any input is welcome! Thanks for the various suggestions of the past via email. Much appreciated.

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