[Oberon] Negative integer literals in Oberon

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Mon Apr 27 18:10:52 CEST 2020


>In my point of view Oberon report should slightly redefine SETs 
> by defining its internal presentation:  define its bit numbering 
> (= define its endianness) allow hex notation only for SETs 
> (as alternative notation to { } ), drop hex notation 
> for INTEGERs as I don't see a real use case for 
> hex notation on INTEGERs yet.

How about all these MOD and DIV used for bit manipulations in 
Oberon System? They are everywhere. Are you saying that someone
(==NW?) should redefine both the SETs and the INTEGERs and then 
modify most of the low level Oberon modules to eradicate 
bit manipulations with MOD and DIV? 

This kind of redesign may be worth it, but who is going to do it? 
You? NW? Paul? Somebody else? How about the adoption by the community?
The story of SysDef.Mod is telling me that the entrenched coding practice
is not going to change any easily. And now you are implying changing 
lots of low level bit manipulation code across the entire System. Is it 
a realistic proposition?


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