[Oberon] Interfacing with Foreign Systems

Guy T. turgu666 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 02:32:01 CEST 2020

I must say that, at this point in time, my ESP32 Oberon compiler is almost completed. I’m now adding the LONGINT (64 bits) extension and complete some of the “thick” module definitions to get access to the ESP-IDF framework component I need to access (WiFi, MQTT, PWM, PIO, TIMER, WATCHDOG, DEEPSLEEP, to name a few).

A month ago, I looked at the potential of LLVM, but I suspect the effort of creating a front end to it for Oberon to be a far more complex effort than doing a port as the one I did (I thing that building a frontend to GCC would be of the same order of magnitude of effort as for LLVM). I now have a compiler that produces ESP32 assembly language code that is then translated to object code, compatible with the GCC suite of tools. Still not ready for prime time but getting closer every day.


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