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> Also, it's very hard to compete with subsidized boards from Digilent etc.
> They sell boards for less than the component cost.

I wondered about that myself. Is it just because Digilent make such large quantities of the boards that they get the advantage of economy of scale? The quotes I have received from Seeedstudio for the Pepino are about half the cost if you order 100 compared to 10.  

> One alternative is to just make add-on boards for popular boards like
> Arty from Digilent to add missing interface options.
> Here is a board that could be used with Arty A7 or Arty S7:
> http://forum.gadgetfactory.net/topic/2894-boo/?tab=comments#comment-19390

Hey, that's a really neat design - I like it! Unfortunately I haven't ever seen it for sale in your store. Have you published the design files for that? Is the Verilog required much different from the Pipistrello?


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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