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Date:	Mon, 15 Jun 2020 13:50:17 +0200
> Look here for OMI:
> https://books.google.ch/books?id=3DioucBgAAQBAJ&pg=3DPA174&lpg=3DPA174&dq=3D=
> oberon+omi&source=3Dbl&ots=3DQha3CVniXm&sig=3DACfU3U2I5BxGvQX1zV3I4kFUsfvd0z=
> nq-g&hl=3Dde&sa=3DX&ved=3D2ahUKEwj0vIb134PqAhVj1qYKHUmfA4QQ6AEwAnoECAcQAQ#v=3D=
> onepage&q=3Doberon%20omi&f=3Dfalse

OK, thanks Joerg.  (Decoded with Linux qprint.  See note below.)

It gives Marincek, Marais & Zeller, _Oberon: Ein Kuzleitfaden fu 
Studenten_, page 174. A screen shot shows "Oberon Module Interchange 

I also googled "Oberon OMI" and got another explanation. Fischer & 
Marais, _The Oberon Companion: A Guide to Using and Programming Oberon 
System 3_. Page 28 has text "Object Model Interface (OMI)".

When authorities disagree, be extra wary.  =8~)

To mitigate confusion there is now a footnote at the OMI entry in the 
glossary. https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Oberon#Glossary 
Complaints and improvements always welcome.

Note: QuotedPrintable.DecodeText worked flawlessly until the last 
update or two of UnixAos.  Currently using rev.9527 and 
QuotedPrintable.DecodeText traps. Rev.9799 is not working in Debian 
10.  Ignoring the QuotedPrintable failure until a new release of 
UnixAos works.

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