[Oberon] An attempt at an Oberon family tree

Bernhard Treutwein bernhard at wildwein.de
Mon Sep 28 12:45:06 CEST 2020

Hi Liam,

 > Comments, suggestions, improvements, etc are actively solicited!

although I am slightly puzzled by being forced to register befor being able
to view the family tree ... here is some feedback:

Algol-60 and Algol-W are missing. Both are precursors of Pascal and both 
entries in Wikipedia ...

I don't think that ActiveOberon is a descendant of Oberon-2, it inherits
from plain old Oberon, Object-Oberon and Oberon-XSC (this was a conjoined
PhD project between University Karlsruhe and ETHZ; it also influenced 

Object Oberon: 

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