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Pablo Cayuela pablo.cayuela at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 15:32:08 CEST 2020

Dear Hans Klaver,
As a side note, I do have some versions of DOS Oberon too, and I didn't get
the source code either.
I wonder about the print screen picture that you included it.
In what DOS emulator do you have DOS Oberon working, and in what host
operating system?
Thank you in advance.

Prof Pablo Cayuela

PS: I'm also searching for the source code of DOS Oberon, if anyone have
some direction I'll appreciate it.

El dom., 4 oct. 2020 2:46, Hans Klaver <hklaver at dds.nl> escribió:

> I wonder if it is known that the output of the present PO version of
> Texts.WriteReal and Texts.WriteRealFix for various borderline values can be
> completely false due to untrapped overflow of FLOOR(x)? Although it is
> acceptable that floating point representation of real numbers produces
> round-off errors, the output of obviously wrong values is undesirable.
> While looking into this I compared the output of these procedures with the
> same in my first Oberon (DOS Oberon V1.4, which I ordered from ETH Zurich
> in the early nineties). I don't have the source code of that early Oberon
> version, but I suppose it uses the source as published in the 1992 Project
> Oberon book. For the present PO version prof. Wirth rewrote these
> procedures, originally by J. Gutknecht.
> ...
> Does anyone have a suggestion? Could it be that the TRAP7 is not due to
> integer overflow but to an array index overflow?
> --
> Hans
> ...
> -----------------
> The screenprint below shows the TRAP 7 produced by Text.WriteRealFix in
> DOS Oberon V1.4.
> The present versions of Texts.WriteReal and Texts.WriteRealFix should show
> a TRAP in similar cases, imho.
> --
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