[Oberon] Oberon-3 (was: Ofront+)

Oleg N. Cher allot at bk.ru
Wed Nov 4 10:47:28 CET 2020

August Karlstrom пишет:

>>    Oberon-3 (experimental dialect with constant arrays and "proper FOR")
> Oberon-3 seems to be so obscure not even Google can find it.

I may have shown some impudence in taking this name. But I didn't plan 
to make my own Oberon dialect, I just needed some extensions for my 
activities. I hope this doesn't cause too much anger among those who 
respect Prof. Niklaus Wirth and his associates.

In any case, this development is unlikely to spread too widely and will 
become very popular. So the name "Oberon-3" can be considered vacant for 
further achievements.

Thanks for understanding.

> -- August
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   Oleg N. Cher

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