[Oberon] Re (2): Has V4 got <default font> like in S3's Oberon.Text ?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 03:51:50 CET 2020

Fantastic! Although I made a common mistake: instead of asking for a
bigger font, I should have, by 1st-principles, asked for a more VISIBLE
font. Which IMO = bigger, BOLDER, white chars on black background.
--- I've chosen: Arial13b.Scn.Fnt
joerg.straube gave good instructions; importantly not just doA, doB,
but also giving background reasons why. I wonder if all that work
should be captured in PE's-wiki ?
--- Now that V4 adds: multiple text files read, write, executable
all on the SAME screen [plus word-coloring to add extra "association"]
to Win10's <clown system>, could it use its NNTP system, via Win10's
wifi and/or G3 capabilities?
  Perhaps `netcat` [apparently also available for Win] which I've
used to read/write to Usenet, could <interface> ?
 `wily` [similar to Oberon - which I'm writing this with] can access
NNTP via python, but I haven't yet understood how. Usnet/NNTP seems
the last forum, not captured by abusive monopolists.
 = CRG

On 11/23/20, eas lab <lab.eas at gmail.com> wrote:
> This problem has socio, political and economic [M$pook's past
> and future action supports their monopoly] determinants.
> ?! Now also gmail-abusive-monopolists is screwing us:
> ] You are currently viewing Gmail in basic HTML. Switch to
> ] standard view | Set basic HTML as default view..."
>   When you are located in a <3rd going 4th world> society:
> socio/political trump technical considerations.
> --- Peter Easthope wrote:-
>>Older desktop machines capable of running Linux are available
>> at zero or nominal cost.
> No ! Must be free to flee on short notice = Use laptop/s.
> Available inet facilities are designed for CocoCola mentalitity:
> fortunately my USBstik-based Debian7 [which has nice font size]
> drives the G3-USBdongle. But NOW I need Wifi access; which is
> available to my USBstik-based TinyCore. Which is having Opera-
> gmail problems, since gmail "updated". Ie. builtin obsolescence!
>   Remember how easy/natural email was under N.O./S3 in the 90s?
> It's time for US anti-monopolist to act, like they did against
> AT&T. From 1969 I worked at StandardTelephones&Cables, which was
> a subsiduary of AT&T [via STC UK]. So I know the detailed history.
>  - Let's paste this from wily to TinyCore Opera & see if gmail
> can send it ?
> == CRG.
> On 11/22/20, Liam Proven <lproven at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Sun, 22 Nov 2020 at 04:28, <peter at easthope.ca> wrote:
>>> Canada & the US are awash in discarded everything-electronic. Many
>>> discarded computers  entirely working or needing only trivial repairs.
>>> Or software upgrade.  I guess about the same in Europe.
>> IIRC Chris has previously said that he lives in Africa.
>>> A friend just offered a Mac Mini with 500 GB drive. Works but his son
>>> found something more appealing.  =8~o
>> Wow!
>> I run a 2011 Mini as my spare Mac. It's lovely, and with the
>> combination of an old cheap 1540GB SSD and a spare 350GB HD I had
>> lying around, it runs extremely quickly and well with macOS 10.13,
>> which is old but still gets security updates and runs the latest
>> browsers.
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