[Oberon] B2 Analysis Framework is released on RiskFive.com

Skulski, Wojciech skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Sun Nov 29 07:59:32 CET 2020


I released the B2 Framework on RiskFive.com. Open the web page and look at the left frame menu. You will find:

B2 Framework:
  B2 overview
  B2 screens

The software is available as a 7zip archive from the Overview page near its top. Click on the link Download B2 system revision 0.86 (source code and documentation, about 250 kB). 

Within the package you will find extensive documentation with tons of discussion. I admit it may be a hefty read if you are used to the telegraphic style of other Oberon documentation. Here I let myself loose. I also wrote extensive comments in the code itself, completely orthogonal to the virtual commenting of typical Oberon sources. (Virtual means "would exist if there were more energy available in the Universe".) 

I actually achieved my goal. I wrote this software in 1996-1998, and then I lost track of it because I changed jobs. I remembered of its existence, but it was lost. Recently I recovered the latest copy from an old 3.5" diskette, unpacked onto my V4 installation, read my comments, run my fractal example, and I can resume the work as if I wrote it last week. Over twenty years have passed, but the comments are sufficient to bring back the memories. 

Enjoy B2. It has been recovered. I would like to port it to the FPGA Oberon System, Andreas' compiler permitting.


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