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Wed Dec 2 04:00:01 CET 2020

Bernhard Treutwein wrote:-
> I did not try it until now, but TinxCore64 should meet the requirements.
I've been using it for a few years; & like the VT/non-X11 mode's bold [often
syntax colored] chars on a BLACK background. But now the default opera-12
gmail-browser is not-good-enough for the ever-changing/built-in-obsolescence.
Compared to amerikan-limited-life products, I find eg. links, links2 better,
and am extending TinyCore32bit on a USBstik, which has no <X11/Grafics>
but gives EXCELLENT graphics: jpg, gif ... via our LinuxNativeOberon in
FrameBuffer mode.
 LNO brings Oberon's massive power, for problems needing to see 3,4,5 files
TOGETHER, plus the ability to color/font related <concepts/text>.
---- Just a little linux scripting will AFAIKS enable LNO to link/access
to any file on any mounted device on the system. Eg. to display a *.jpg,
or extract/analyse complex information out of 4 scattered files, into a
single Hi-Lit/colored S3-document.
 The user would navigate to the file [I use mc, mostly] & there do:--
[I'm manually-copying/with-TYPOs! from Core32:LNO laptop; which has no
inet capability]
=== From the dir containing the <targetFile to be accessed by LNO>,
I exercise the script named LINK, which passes info to the file [also
named LINK] in LNO, to allow LNO to link/access the target.

== In this example, at dir: /mnt/mmcblk0p1/TmpDir,
 where the targetFile: DanBrownCover.jpg is located
 execute: LINK DanBrownCover.jpg
where LINK is the tiny script - below, & DanBrownCover.jpg is its arg.
Then switching to the VT containing LNO:
Linux:LINK contains the info to "FileSystem.Mount" the target dir/file.
------------ for my setup:  /usr/local/sbin/LINK == <the 4 lines>:--
# To update LNO's File:LINK = to access any mounted device's files.
# FileSystem.Mount <ChosenFileName> LinuxFS <pwd/path>/ ~
echo "<FileName>  = " $1 >> /mnt/sda2/LNO4/LINK
echo "<pwd/path> = " `pwd` >> /mnt/sda2/LNO4/LINK
The above text would be much more understandable if it was
<LNO-like-semantically-colored> !?!
Try/test it; improve it.

PS. The laptop with TinyCore32 & LNO has a SDcard with V4 [for
Win10]. With the above LINK, LNO can access the V4:file OberonV4.Text.
Right now I haven't got S3's instruction to read V4 format, but
ET.OpenAscii ^ shows how the file claims that V4 is bigger/better than S3.
=== PSS. Here, the market-dominating SanDisk USBtiks wear-away the
plasict plug; but metal-plugged Toshiba costs only slightly more.

On 11/29/20, Bernhard Treutwein <oberon at wildwein.de> wrote:
>> Michael Schierl <schierlm at gmx.de> hat am 26.11.2020 23:42 geschrieben:
> [...]
>> If you take one of the small rescue Linux distributions that completely
>> fit into initramfs (maybe strip down the kernel to only include the
>> drivers you need), and put SYSLINUX, the kernel and an initramfs
>> directly into the ESP, you get a system that is much more usable. As
>> Linux can mount filesystem images inside FAT32 partitions just fine, you
>> can even have some persistent data that way.
> I did not try it until now, but TinxCore64 (see
> https://distrowatch.com/?newsid=10817)
> should meet the requirements ...
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