[Oberon] [EXT] Re: all in one git tree

Hans Klaver hklaver at dds.nl
Sun Dec 27 17:44:25 CET 2020

On 26 Dec. 2020, at 21:30 D EMARD <vordah at gmail.com> wrote the following:

> Goals are
> To preserve better old OS and its development history.
> by building the tree which in traceable form replicates previous
> development efforts.
> To very precisely (in form of timestamps and code line differences) provide
> answers why and when is some function modified and how we came to its
> current state.

As an example of how this could be done and how well this works the GitHub pages by romiras (Roman Mirr) of the Oberon Language revisions (especially since 2007) are quite illustrative. 

Not source code, but 'version overview' indeed:


In the above mentioned page click on 'Oberon07.Report.pdf.txt' (on the left, under 'romiras Create README.md');
then on the next page click on 'History' (in the far right of the blue bar, after 'Latest commit (...)')

Hans Klaver

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