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Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 21:39:17 CET 2020

On Sat, 26 Dec 2020 at 13:21, Hellwig Geisse <hellwig.geisse at mni.thm.de> wrote:
> Liam,
> I'm using Git since a few years now and I cannot
> confirm your statements in any way. I have used CVS
> and SVN before, and I'm very happy with Git now.

I think you've missed several of my points all at the same time! :-)

Firstly: if you like it, fine, good for you. I am not trying to tell
anyone that their choices or preferences are wrong. Choose what you
like, do whatever you want with it.

Secondly: Git is very good for what it was designed to do: managing a
single, very large, versioned software development project with no
central office, no single organization behind it, no single site or
team or anything.

It has swept all over RCSes before it, and now (I suspect) the
_majority_ of teams using it _are_ centralised, are _not_ distributed,
_do_ have a single principle central body and a clear management
structure with superiors and workers.

> It finally offers the features I've expected from
> a tool like that all the time.

Good for you.

Thirdly, Git is being used for a huge number of projects for which it
is overkill. It is like Perl: a sort of Swiss Army Chainsaw with a
tonne of functionality that most of its users don't need, and for whom
it merely makes like overcomplicated.

This is not some weird opinion of mine alone. It is an industry joke. Examples:


(I have done this more than once, after the first time I watched a
colleague work hard for 45min with
git reset HEAD
git reset --hard
git rewind
etc. etc. etc.)

My way is quicker and easier.

This is true too:


> And, btw, it's *not*
> "a command-line-only tool" - several GUIs exist.

Git itself, the actual tool from Torvalds, is a command-line only
tool. It does not include a GUI. Sure, there are multiple aftermarket
ones by other teams, but the core program is CLI-driven.

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