[Vmi-jobs] [VMI jobs] Postdoc position in cryptography and security (and others)

Karel Kubíček karel.kubicek at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Jan 22 10:36:18 CET 2020

Dear VMI members,

My former group in Brno, Czech Republic, offers a postdoc position in
Cryptography and Security. Although the group is smaller, they have strong
results in applied crypto and usable security (among other topics).

See the attached PDF for the position description. Feel free to ask me
about it.

The faculty is hiring postdocs in other fields as well. Their description
is here: https://www.muni.cz/en/about-us/careers/vacancies/52171.

The Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University (FI MU) in Brno is a
leading research institution in the field of computer science in the Czech
Republic. FI MU has strong international research potential in many areas
from basic science to industrial applications (currently with over 30
hi-tech industrial partners including Konica Minolta, RedHat and
Honeywell). Furthermore, Brno with its many IT companies is often called
the Silicon Valley of Central Europe.

The Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University invites applications for
two two-year Postdoc positions in computer science, with an emphasis on one
of the following research areas: algorithms and complexity, big data
analytics, computer security and applied cryptography, critical information
infrastructures, formal methods, human-computer interaction, image analysis
and processing, information retrieval, logic and automata, machine learning
and data mining, management of data, natural language processing, quantum
information processing, scheduling and planning, virtual and augmented
reality, and visualisation.

Best wishes,
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