[Barrelfish-users] Re: Introduction and Error 23 : Error while parsing number

liuw at informatik.uni-bonn.de liuw at informatik.uni-bonn.de
Sat Dec 5 22:38:25 MET 2009

Hi Gurgi,

I just decompressed the source tarball several hours ago and came across
the same problem. I did the following steps to get it running.

1. Setup my TFTP server and copy the corresponding binary files into the
"tftpboot" directory.

2. Configure the network in GRUB so that it can load files on the TFTP
server. (use "ifconfig" under GRUB shell)

3. Manually specify the medium ( "root (nd)" ), load the kernel ( "kernel
\kernel" ) and the other modules ( e.g. "init", "mem_serv", "monitor",
"chips" ) as needed.

4. "boot" :)

I think it's most probably just to correctly configure GRUB when you've
already compiled everything successfully. And thus, GRUB manual might be a
nice reference.

Happy hacking!

> Hello.
> Current Computer Science grad student, and interested in OS development.
> Just downloaded the code and start looking into it.
> I am having a problem with it though. After successfully compiling it and
> typing MAKE SIM, I get the error:
>  Error 23 : Error while parsing number
> It seems like its some grub error. Any suggestions?
> RockStarArtist

Best regards,
Sean W. Liu
NimbRo Group
Computer Science Department
University of Bonn
TEL: +49 (228) 5487 9898

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