[Barrelfish-users] Weird problem while running slideshow in QEMU!

tianminqiu tianminqiu at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 14:16:03 MET 2009

I have run slideshow example in QEMU successfully, following the
instructions given by Andrew Baumann:
1. Create '/build/talk' directory and a series of slides talk-*.bmp.gz packages 
    using makeslides.sh, then add them to the menu.lst. 
    Each bitmap is 1024 * 768 created by convert tool of imagemagick.
2. Change QEMU config in /build/CMakeFiles/sim.dir/build.make, removing
    '-nographic' and adding '-vga std -serial stdio' arguments.
3. Modify the menu.lst manually:
   add vbe, lpc_kbd and slideshow module to menu.lst, and the loading     
   sequence while booting in my menu.lst is like this:
   timeout 0
   # menu.lst
    title    Barrelfish
    root    (nd)
    kernel    /kernel/kernel loglevel=4
    module    /usr/init/init
    module    /usr/mem_serv/mem_serv
    module    /usr/monitor/monitor
    module    /usr/chips/chips
    module  /usr/drivers/vbe/vbe    # I inserted vbe here
    module  /usr/skb/skb
    module  /usr/pci/pci
    module  /usr/drivers/lpc_kbd/lpc_kbd # I inserted kbd here
    module  /usr/drivers/serial/serial
    module    /usr/fish/fish
    module  /usr/slideshow/slideshow 1024 768 32 talk # slideshow is here with 4 arguments passed
    modulenounzip /talk/talk-0.bmp.gz nospawn # the below are added automatically
    modulenounzip /talk/talk-56.bmp.gz nospawn # 57 slides in total
At the moment, I can run slideshow with 'make sim' successfully, and
everything is OK until today, when I needed to port the environment to
another machine, weird problem occured. I didn't copy the directory to
the target machine, but rebuilt the whole environment from unzipping the
source code and reconfigured it like above. However I failed to start the
slideshow on the target machine, and I got the outputing message:
        #previous messages are omitted
        Kernel starting at address 0xffffffffc2311000
        kernel 0 PANIC! kernel assertion "modulecn_slot < (1UL << modulecn->cap.u.cnode.bits)" failed at /media/D/barrelfish/kernel/startup.c:403
        kernel 0: exception 3 (error code 0x0): breakpoint
        Faulting instruction pointer (or following instruction): 0xffffffffc23160ad
        RAX 0xffffffffc232a000 RBX 0xffffff00000298b4 RCX 0x3f8 RDX 0xffffff0000167930 RSP 0xffffffffc237de08
        Top o' stack:
        0xffffffffc2317b06 0x3000000020 0xffffffffc237def0 0xffffffffc237de30 0xffffffffc231a4c9 0xffffffffc2318310 0xffffffffc2323da8 0xffffffffc2323c88 0x193 0x0
        kernel 0: Waiting for GDB connection...
I have checked every detail carefully and cannot find any difference 
between the two versions, what's wrong with I did? What does the message mean?
By the way, it seems that commenting out the line of vbe in menu.lst can
make the system running, of course at the expense of failing to start video mode 
as well as slideshow, either.

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