[Barrelfish-users] Question about Lenovo laptops testing

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Tue Nov 10 17:19:10 MET 2009

I have downloaded Barrelfish source code, and noticed a detail in
the README file, saying:
The biggest compatibility problems are likely to be in the PCI/ACPI
code. We...on each new machine we test. The following systems are known to
    * Intel x5000XVN
    * ...
    * Lenovo X200 and X301 laptops
I wondered can the last item "Lenovo laptops" be used as your testing
platforms? Aren't they just 32-bit machines for desktop use? Have the
X200 and X301 got 64-bit architecture supporting? If not, how to run
your 64-bit code on them?
My problem is I have only such laptops rather than high-perfomance
machines, I am eagerly to know whether I can take the laptops as proper
experimental platforms and how to make it if so?
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
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