[Barrelfish-users] error for running splash benchmarks

Yaojia Zhu yaojia.zhu at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 23:34:50 CET 2010

Hi, I am going to run the benchmark of splash_barnes, I set the # of
threads to be some value, so I add a line in the menu.lst as the
module	/x86_64/sbin/splash_barnes 1

Then I run barrelfish in quem by typing in the terminal:   make sim ARCH=x86_64
But there is an error about the memory allocation. It's attached
below. Can somebody help me figure it out? Thanks very much!

nbody <258>= 0.000000
Init param

nbody <258>= 0.000000
Start run

nbody <258>= 5.000000
Init output

		Hack code: Plummer model

     nbody     dtime       eps       tol     dtout     tstop    fcells     NPROC
     16384   0.02500    0.0500      1.00     0.250     0.075      2.00         1

nbody <258>= 5.000000

fleaves = 5.000000, nbody = 16384, maxleaf = 81920

maxcell = 163840
ERROR: mem_serv.0 in mem_allocate_handler()
../usr/mem_serv/mem_serv.c:114 allocation of 25 bits in 0-0 failed
Failure: (          libmm) No matching node found [MM_ERR_NOT_FOUND]

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