[Barrelfish-users] Question about Barrelfish with Intel SCC

김주성 testype at davinci.snu.ac.kr
Mon Nov 29 05:28:14 CET 2010



I’m currently using Intel SCC remotely to research on new programming
models supporting massive multicore or manycore systems.


I’ve noticed that the presentation on 22/9/10 contains the new version of
barrelfish supporting Intel SCC.

However, the downloadable versions of barrelfish seem to support x86-64


Could you give me a snapshot or source codes of the new barrelfish
supporting Intel SCC?



Good day, 

Joosung Kim

Seoul National University

School of Computer Science and Engineering 
Embedded System Laboratory 
+82-2-880-1861, +82-10-7382-6382
testype at davinci.snu.ac.kr



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