[Barrelfish-users] Details regarding pci support with acpi

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I'm not sure what you mean by this, since pci_add_root() is a function in Barrelfish and not ACPICA, but the general answer to your question is probably that you can't use the ACPICA reference in isolation: you also need to grok parts of the PCI spec (or just the bad Mindshare books), the ACPI spec, the PNPBIOS spec (mainly just for the device IDs), and if in doubt also the source code to something clean like FreeBSD to make sense of it all.

Good luck :)


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I'm an undergraduate currently working on a research operating system and I'm having problems when initializing pci and mapping its interrupts with ACPI. I'm wondering how do you guys figure out the pci_add_root() function because I could not find any meaningful details in Intel's acpica reference.

Hilfi Alkaff
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