[Barrelfish-users] [Barrelfish] Barrelfish-users Digest, Vol 12, Issue 2

Andrew Baumann Andrew.Baumann at microsoft.com
Thu Feb 3 20:46:14 CET 2011

Hi Mats,

> We are thinking of adding a Simics device of the network card supported in
> Barrelfish. Can you tell us about any adapter/card that you currently use and
> work on real hardware?

I believe (YMMV) the driver we have should work with the following Intel chipsets:
631xESB / 632xESB, 82563EB / 82564EB, 82571EB / 82572EI & 82573E / 82573V / 82573L
(this list is taken from devices/e1000.dev in the source tree).

The cards in use at ETH have 82572EI and 82574L chipsets. These are the last batch we purchased:


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