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Tim Harris (RESEARCH) tharris at microsoft.com
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I thought some folk might be interested to know that we've also included support for running on the gem5 full-system simulator in this release.

If you build an x86_64 version of the OS, then a new build target "make m5" will create an OS kernel image and then boot it on FS gem5.  This should work with recent stable versions of gem5 -- we pushed a few bug fixes to gem5 a few months ago to support things that Barrelfish exercised that weren't already handled by the simulator.

There's not much documentation about this, but anyone's welcome to ping me directly with any queries.  (I'll try to put more / anything on the wiki at some point!)

My main motivation for this is to let us look at architectural support for aspects of Barrelfish -- e.g., accelerating message passing.  


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Hi there!

We're happy to announce that the next Barrelfish release is now available!  This includes many bug fixes and enhancements (such as proper thread-local state), plus more extensive support for ARM/XScale and Beehive.

Also, at long last, we've moved over to anonymous Mercurial access for 
new Barrelfish releases.   

This should make it easy for us to do much more frequent updates (most likely, whenever the regression tests all pass), and for users to update their trees easily.  The repo is at http://hg.barrelfish.org/.  

Many thanks for your patience! 

 -- The Barrelfish team

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