[Barrelfish-users] Wiki is down

Calum McCall 0800410m at student.gla.ac.uk
Wed Jul 13 17:33:37 CEST 2011

The wiki is up for me at the moment, perhaps it was just temporary?

Most of the instructions on the wiki are also contained within the 
README in the root of the barrelfish repo.

I don't have any experience with freetds of unixODBC, but Barrelfish is 
not POSIX compliant, at least not fully, so those would probably need to 
be ported manually.


On 13/07/11 16:27, CDR wrote:
> I am trying to install barrelfish and in order to do that, I checked
> the Wiki, but it is down.
> I am trying to compile freetds and unixODBC. Has anybody tried?
> My area of work is telecommunications, and I think barrelfish can
> replace linux as the next platform for SIP servers.
> Federico
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