[Barrelfish-users] barrelfish assertion fail

Supriya Roy supriyaroy25 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 08:56:36 CEST 2011

  is it any idea about following failure.

qemu-system-arm -kernel arm/sbin/cpu.bin -nographic -no-reboot -m 256
-initrd arm/romfs.cpio

Barrelfish CPU driver starting on ARMv5 Board id 0x00000113
The address of paging_map_kernel_section is 0xfff1d43c
Kernel ready.
init: invoked as: init 2097152
Spawning memory server (arm/sbin/mem_serv)...
Spawning monitor (arm/sbin/monitor)...
monitor: invoked as: arm/sbin/monitor 6840320
RAM allocator initialised, 208 MB (of 224 MB) available
Spawning chips on core 0
Spawning ./arm/sbin/ramfsd on core 0
Spawning ./arm/sbin/spawnd on core 0
ramfsd.0: pre-populating from boot image...
ramfsd.0: ready
spawnd: invoked on core 0 as: spawnd boot bootarm
Assertion failed on core 0 in ramfsd: 0 == (~KPI_PAGING_FLAGS_MASK &
(uintptr_t)flags), function vregion_flags_to_kpi_paging_flags, file
../lib/barrelfish/arch/arm/pmap_arch.c, line 76.
ERROR: monitor.0 in destroy_outgoing_cap() ../usr/monitor/queue.c:133
ERROR: cap_destroy failed
Failure: (  libbarrelfish) Error while deleting capability
Failure: (         kernel) Capability not found (empty slot encountered)

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