[Barrelfish-users] snapshot release 2011-03-01 on ubuntu natty

Raphael Fuchs raphaelfuchs at student.ethz.ch
Mon Jun 13 20:38:06 CEST 2011


I'm trying to run the snapshot release 2011-03-01 on Ubuntu 11.04 but 
get the following output after a 'make sim ARCH=x86_64'.
I'm using gcc 4.5.2, ghc 6.12.3, parsec 2.1 and ghc-path and 
qemu 0.14.0.

Is the snapshot release not compatible with this version of qemu or is 
it a bug in the apci glue code, which accroding to the README has some 
compatibility problems?

Thanks in advance.

Booting 'Barrelfish'

root (nd)
  Filesystem type is tftp, using whole disk
kernel /x86_64/sbin/elver loglevel=4
    [Multiboot-elf, <0x100000:0x20b6:0x0>, <0x103fe4:0x1c:0x6000>, 
shtab=0x10a320, entry=0x10000c]
module /x86_64/sbin/cpu loglevel=4
    [Multiboot-module @ 0x115000, 0xc721c bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/init
    [Multiboot-module @ 0x1dd000, 0x354e43 bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/mem_serv
    [Multiboot-module @ 0x532000, 0x3166c4 bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/monitor
    [Multiboot-module @ 0x849000, 0x59118c bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/chips boot
    [Multiboot-module @ 0xddb000, 0x30c108 bytes]
module  /x86_64/sbin/ramfsd boot
    [Multiboot-module @ 0x10e8000, 0x3968c8 bytes]
module  /x86_64/sbin/skb boot
    [Multiboot-module @ 0x147f000, 0x7a4741 bytes]
modulenounzip /skb_ramfs.cpio.gz nospawn
    [Multiboot-module @ 0x1c24000, 0x9c9f3 bytes]
module  /x86_64/sbin/pci boot
    [Multiboot-module @ 0x1cc1000, 0x5d495f bytes]
module  /x86_64/sbin/spawnd boot
    [Multiboot-module @ 0x2296000, 0x4f240c bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/serial
    [Multiboot-module @ 0x2789000, 0x34fcd9 bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/fish
    [Multiboot-module @ 0x2ad9000, 0x4d5e23 bytes]

Kernel starting at address 0xffffff8002fb0000
Barrelfish CPU driver starting on x86_64 apic_id 0
kernel 0: Measured 999998042 APIC timer counts in one RTC second, 44760 
data points.
kernel 0: Measured 2532763 TSC counts per ms, 99 data points. Average 
jitter 2790 TSC ticks.
init: invoked as: init 2097152
Spawning memory server (x86_64/sbin/mem_serv)...
Spawning monitor (x86_64/sbin/monitor)...
monitor: invoked as: x86_64/sbin/monitor 6963200
RAM allocator initialised, 439 MB (of 455 MB) available
Spawning chips on core 0
Spawning /x86_64/sbin/ramfsd on core 0
Spawning /x86_64/sbin/skb on core 0
Spawning /x86_64/sbin/pci on core 0
Spawning /x86_64/sbin/spawnd on core 0
ramfsd.0: pre-populating from boot image...
chips: client waiting for ramfs
chips: client waiting for skb
spawnd: invoked on core 0 as: spawnd boot
chips: client waiting for ramfs
ramfsd.0: unpacking Gzipped CPIO /skb_ramfs.cpio.gz
ramfsd.0: ready
chips: notifying client about ramfs
chips: notifying client about ramfs
chips: client waiting for skb
chips: notifying client about skb
chips: notifying client about skb
spawnd: Waiting for pci to finish
chips: client waiting for pci_discovery_done
ERROR: pci.0 in AcpiOsInstallInterruptHandler() 
ERROR: failed to route interrupt
Failure: (            pci) Unknown global system interrupt number 
Assertion failed on core 0 in pci: r == 0, function init_acpi, file 
../usr/pci/acpi.c, line 726.
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